In the spring of 2004, the ITU Solar Car Team (ITU-SCT), established by ITU Electrical Engineering students, aimed to strengthen the university-industry-student triangle and emphasize the importance of alternative energy sources in this process.


 The solar panels on the sun car turn solar energy into electrical energy. There is also a battery system on the car at the same time. The vehicle works by using the battery energies and energies of the energy obtained from these panels. If the vehicle does not consume power, or if there is less consumption from the sun's power, the increasing portion of the sun will charge the vehicle's battery.

 When there is no sun, the car uses the energy in the battery system. Initially, when the battery system has 5kWh of energy, it can go from 300km to 80km / h on average. The average car goes to 80km / h and costs about 0.15 TL at 100km.


 ITU GAE was established by electrical engineering students in 2004 and has gradually acquired a multidisciplinary structure including engineering, control, electronics, metallurgy, aircraft, materials and business. From the year it was founded, the team that designs and manufactures 7 Arıbas has moved to a higher point in every Arıba that is used in the direction of information and experience obtained from its graduate. Today, the team consists of four main groups in the form of mechanics, electricity, production and organization.

 Our team started to design ARIBA I in 2004 upon the call made by TUBITAK. In 2005, we completed the production of the vehicle and participated in the TUBITAK Formula G 2005 competition, which was organized for the first time in Turkey. Arıba I could not complete the race due to some technical problems. Our team, which accelerated the studies with the knowledge and experience gained from the first race, produced Arıba II in 2006 and participated to TÜBİTAK Formula G 2006 with two vehicles and got second prize with Arıba I and first place Arıba II. In 2007, our team started to work to produce a lighter car and designed and produced Arıba III. Our team joined TUBITAK Formula G 2007 with both vehicles and strengthened its success by ranking first with Arıba III and second by Arıba II. In 2008, our team joined again with Arıba II and Arıba III, becoming the first and only team to make a breakthrough in breaking the first and second places and breaking the record for three years. Our team, which has transformed its route internationally by enchanting its targets, has produced Arıba IV after a year of designing by continuing its work completely for the World Solar Challenge. Having succeeded in getting the best new participant award in the first international race he participated in, his team has confirmed his engineering work worldwide. Believing that it will make a much faster, much more efficient and much lighter car with the experiences it has achieved in 2009, after completing an 8 month design process, it has completed the production of Arıba V in 2011. Due to the troubles we experienced in logistics, our team, which can not participate in World Solar Challenge 2011, has decided to race the vehicle at Tübitak Formula-G 2012. Having won the racing experience in and won best design award.



Since 2004, the ongoing team has provided the continuity of the culture,

*To make AR-GE work on mechanical, material and electrical-electronic branches on alternative energy sources that will lead the future,

*To build a clean future by teaching our young people the spirit of alternative energy,

*To design and produce tools by transforming theoretical knowledge into practice,

*To improve qualitative understanding and to make regular progress of quality,

*Contributes to the development of domestic, high quality and competitive products in international standards.


Represent ITU and Turkey in the national and international arena in the best way by employing dynamic, researching and sharing spirit, absorbing and developing clean energy and advanced technologies, actively serving the country's industry and educating qualified engineers in the field.


We are running new excitement, new technologies, new hopes and new ARIBA's. In this process we have heroes behind the scenes who support us with the material, spiritual and engineering support.


Istanbul Teknik Universitesi Ayazaga Kampusu Motorlu Tasitlar (OTAM) Binasi Arkasi Gunes Arabasi Atolyesi